ISSI 2020

  • Dehant Veronique, 2020, Deep Earth interior: the Earth’s core, Oral.
  • Mandea Mioara, 2020, Deep Earth interior: the core magnetic field, Oral.
  • Mandea Mioara, 2020, Observed correlation between gravity and magnetic fields, Oral.
  • Rekier Jérémy, 2020, Earth’s rotation and the deep Earth interior, Oral.
  • Triana Santiago A., 2020, Modelling of inertial waves and interaction with rotational modes, Oral.
  • Van Hoolst Tim, 2020, The interior of Mars, Mercury, and icy satellites, Oral.
  • Gillet Nicolas, 2020, Geomagnetic jerks – from data to numerical models, Oral.
  • Jault Dominique, 2020, Tangential stresses at the core-mantle boundary, Oral.

GRACE/GRACE-FO Science Team Meeting 2020

  • Pfeffer Julia, Cazenave Anny, Mandea Mioara, Dehant Véronique, and Barnoud Anne, 2020, The GRACEFUL project: probing the Earth’s deep interior with satellite observations of the gravity field, magnetic field and Earth’s rotation. B.1 – Solid Earth Sciences, GSTM2020-23.

EPSC 2020

  • Rekier Jeremy, Triana Santiago A., and Dehant Veronique, 2020, Planetary inertial modes and their relation to nutations. TP2 – Planetary Dynamics: Shape, Gravity, Orbit, Tides, and Rotation from Observations and Models, EPSC2020-853.

AGU 2020

  • Triana Santiago A., Rekier Jeremy, Trinh Antony, Zhu Ping, and Dehant Veronique, 2020, The viscous and Ohmic damping of the Earth's Free Core Nutation, Poster, DI006-0018.
  • Houliez Aymeric, Laguerre Raphael, Cebron David, Rekier Jeremy, and Dehant Veronique, Steady flows in the core of precessing planets: effects of the geometry and a uniform magnetic field, Poster NG008-0018.
  • Dehant Veronique, Le Maistre Sébastien, Rivoldini Attilio, Baland Rose-Marie, Filice Valerio, Karatekin Ozgur, Péters Marie-Julie, Van Hoolst Tim, and Yseboodt Marie, 2020, Geodesy at Mars: from gravity, rotation and tides to the deep interior of the red planet, Invited Poster, P081-0001.
  • Dehant Veronique, Mandea Mioara, Cazenave Anny, Triana Santiago A., Rekier Jeremy, and Zhu Ping, 2020, GRACEFUL: Probing the deep Earth interior by synergistic use of observations of the magnetic and gravity fields, and of the rotation of the Earth, Oral, DI001-01.
  • Zhu Ping, Dehant Veronique, 2020, Instability of Earth’s rotation at the decadal time resolution, Oral, DI001-04.
  • Rekier Jeremy, Triana Santiago A., Trinh Antony, and Dehant Veronique, 2020, Planetary inertial modes and their relation to nutations, Oral, DI001-06.
  • Sert Hakan, Hugentobler Urs, Wolf Helene, Dehant Veronique, Karatekin Ozgur, and Boehm Johannes, 2020, Potential of UT1 - UTC determination with VLBI transmitters onboard future Galileo satellites, Oral, G025-01.
  • Trinh Antony, Van Hoolst Tim, Matsuyama Isamu, 2020, The biennial libration of Io, Poster, P025-0001.
  • Van Hoolst Tim, Baland Rose-Marie, Trinh Antony, Yseboodt Marie, Nimmo Francis, 2020, The Librations, Tides, and Interior Structure of Io, Invited talk, P031-02.
  • Cazenave Anny A., 2020, Coastal sea level trends over 2002-2018 from reprocessed Jason-1, 2, 3 satellite altimetry, Oral, G010-06.
  • Moreira Lorena, Cazenave Anny A., 2020, Interannual variability in the rate of the global mean sea level rise, Oral, G010-05.